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  • PocketWi-Fi LTE 501HW

Rental Mobile WiFi in Japan

Y! mobile

It contains a large-capacity battery that allows using the LTE for approx. 12 hours and offers the best connectivity.

The body is compact and convenient for delivery.
It has a large-capacity battery so that you won’t have to worry about running out of battery even during a whole day of sightseeing.

Download speed up to 75Mbps, Upload speed up to 25Mbps

As Pocket WiFi LTE’supports both 4G/LTE areas and 3G areas, you can use it in many places across Japan.

Up to 10 devices can be connected at the same time.

You can use this product with your family or friends by connecting multiple devices at once.

The large-capacity battery is installed.

The large-capacity battery is installed.

With the improved battery, non-stop transmission could now last for as long as 12 hours (LTE).

With the improved battery, non-stop transmission could now last for as long as 12 hours (LTE).

GGL06P Area of Service

spec of pocket wifi

Transmission method at the network side Supports LTE (EMOBILE LTE) UE Category 4 / 3G (EMOBILE G4)
Coverage Within Japan. * Can not use outside of Japan.
Refer to Y!mobile Home Page for Coverage Area.
Size Approx. 90 mm (W) X 56 mm (H) X 19.9 mm (D)
Weight Approx. 150g
Battery: continuous communication time About 12 hours (LTE)/About 11 hours (LTE/3G)
May vary depending on the usage environment or wave strength.
Battery: continuous stand-by time About 430 hours
Interface USB 2.0 standard
  1. Continuous communication time and continuous stand-by time may vary depend on the usage environment and wave strength.

Transmission Speed Limit

Rental Device Transmission Capacity If exceeding the transmission capacity limit Timing to release the transmission capacity limit.
PocketWi-Fi GL06P 25GB/month Transmission speed will be limited until the end of the month. (*after May 2014) The limit will be removed as soon as next month begins.

*Any-Fi can not remove the transmission speed limit if it occurs.

501HW wifi rental in Japan

wifi router from Any-Fi,for heavy user

Pick this if you don't want to worry about data amount but want to enjoy high speed internet.

❖ The most powerful pocket Wi-Fi available now! Download Max 187.5Mbps
 Super High Speed Pocket Wi-Fi

❖The network service is supported by two high-speed bandwagons to give you fast Internet.
 “ Hybrid 4G LTE” uses both SoftBank 4G LTE and 4G networks thanks to carrier aggregation.
 It automatically selects the fastest and best network possible among the available networks,
 allowing you to enjoy the quickest and most reliable network experience.

501HW Pocket wifi in Japan

❖ The carrier aggregation allows you to be connected to the fastest data network.
 By finding and combining the fastest available band frequencies, you can send and receive large amounts of data with ease.

501HW Pocket wifi spec_01

❖ Five-second one-touch start
 It only takes 5 seconds to get started. It is ready for you anytime.
 You do not have to wait long for your pocket wifi to be switched on.

501HW Pocket wifi spec_02
Start-up takes about 5 seconds

❖ By automatically connecting to the fastest Wifi network, it streams online videos flawlessly.
 The network uses the fastest Wi-Fi network, 11ac (5GHZ).
 This means it won’t interfere with other Wi-Fi networks, so you can relax and enjoy videos online.

❖ It may take longer than five seconds under certain operating environments; the actual time may vary when you turn it on for the first time and after you change the battery.
 A battery capacity of 3000mAH allows for up to 10 hours of continuous use,
 while a long battery life makes for convenient Internet access while on the go.
 It is perfect for busy and active users.

501HW Service area


Product Wifi Router
Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions Approx. 104x60x18.2mm
Weight Approx. 150g
Wireless Channels In Japan
4G : FDD-LTE(900MHz/1.7GHz/2.1GHz)
4G : AXGP(2.5GHz)

Operating Mode Packet Switching
4G LTE(FDD-LTE):Down Max 187.5Mbps Up Max 37.5Mbps

4G(AXGP):Down Max 165Mbps Up Max 10Mbps
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Upgrading Memory
(Not Applicable)
  1. *The maximum network speed written above is our highest performance possible (the best speed according to the test), and it does not guarantee the actual speed. The network speed may vary depending on the area and the network traffic during the usage.

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