Any-Fi Privacy Policy

BeyonDo Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes the importance of protecting the customer’s private information (hereinafter referred to as “private information”) and actively commits to protect the private information together with all the employees engaged in the business operation.

1.Appropriate acquisition and use of the private information

When our company acquires private information, we will acquire minimum necessary private information only after clarifying the usage objective as much as possible and will provide contact details for customers to reach us on for any questions. When we use private information, the objective will be within the specified usage such as invoicing for the service fees or delivering products, and we will only use it after notifying customers and getting their agreement. We will never provide the private information to the third parties without customers’ agreement except when we outsource specific tasks to achieve usage objective.

2.Safety measures to protect private information

For our company to protect and manage the customers’ private information, we ensure our employees are trained in the importance of security measures and protection of private information, and place appropriate security measures to avoid unauthorized access from outside, loss, damage, edit and leakage of private information.

3.Obeying laws, government-established guidelines and other norms

Our company obeys the laws related to the private information handling and the related regulations, guidelines of relevant authorities, and norms of affiliated groups.

4.Continuous improvement ideas to protect private information

Our company ensures continuous improvements in the area of private information protection. We listen to all stakeholders’ opinions regularly, and implement continuous improvement. In case the policy is revised due to such improvements, we will notify the public through this website.

5.Our support system for complaints or consultations on private information

If you would like to complain or consult with our company about private information handling, please contact the “Private Information Inquiry Counter” below. The window below also supports questions regarding our private information protection.

[Private Information Inquiry Counter]
Phone: +81-3-3486-8168 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00)

BeyonDo Inc.
CEO Mamoru Nagaoka
Effective: March 15, 2019

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