Any-Fi wifi Rental Service Usage Agreement

[ Effective October 1, 2014 ]

1.This Agreement.

This Agreement defines the basic usage rules of Any-Fi Rental Service provided by the Beyondo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our company”), and it will be applied to everyone using this Service (hereinafter referred to as “user”).
The contents of this Agreement may be revised without advance notice or pre-agreement from the users. However, the revised contents will be applied to all users.

2.This Service.

This Service is for our company to lease communication equipment device and its accessories (referred to as “rental devices”) to a user.

3.Establishment of the Contract.

The contract for this Service will be established on the day the user signed this Agreement, completed our designated application process, and our company accepted the content of the application.

4.User Pre-consent in order to Apply for the Usage.

The user consents to the following matters beforehand in order to complete the application:

  1. 1.Present official ID documents to our company with the application.
  2. 2.Our company will determine the types of rental devices.
  3. 3.There may be occasions when rental devices cannot be used even within the area of Service.

5. Rental Fee and Deposit.

The user pays our company the rental fees and deposit defined per the price list our company has established outside of this Agreement for the duration of the lease.

6.Rental Period and Units.

  1. 1.Rental period will be per day based on the Japan time zone.
  2. 2.Rental period will be from the day the user received the rental devices, until the day our company defined as the final day.
  3. 3.If the user wishes to receive the rental devices by mail, the rental period will begin on the date the user has specified as the requested date of receipt, regardless of the actual date of receipt.

7.Delivery and Return of the Rental Devices.

  1. 1.Our company will deliver the rental devices to the user either at the store counter or by mail to begin the Service.
  2. 2.The user will return the rental devices to our company by bringing them to the store counter or by mail before the expiration of the rental period. If the user ships the rental devices by mail, then the method that our company defines should be used.

If the user did not follow the designated mailing method, the device will not be considered as returned.

8.Security Responsibility.

  1. 1.Our company guarantees the user only the normal functionality of the rental device at the time of delivery, and assumes no responsibility for the other product features of the rental device and the compatibility to the user’s usage purpose.
  2. 2.If the user does not inform about any problems within 10 days after the delivery of the rental device, it will be considered that the rental device was functioning normally at the delivery time.


Our company assumes no responsibility for the unusable situation resulted by the communication company who owns the line (including the packet usage limit set by the communication company per Fair Usage Policy).

10.Responsibilities of the User.

The user is expected to maintain and manage the rental devices with common sense and care, and is prohibited to take the following actions:
(1)Give or lease the rental devices to the third party;
(2)Improperly input the pin code to the rental devices;
(3)Use the rental devices in a way that is specified as prohibited in the instruction to the rental devices, or that is beyond normal usage.

11.Fees to Store and Return of the Rental Device.

  1. 1.If the user stores the rental devices during the contracted period of this Service and returns them by mail, the user is responsible for the related fees.
  2. 2.If the user indicated the intent to cancel the Service after our company has mailed the rental devices out, the user is responsible for both sending and receiving mailing fees.

12.Duty of Report by the User.

The user will immediately report to the specified contact number in the following cases (the user will be responsible for the fees to contact our company):
(1)If you need to change the contents of the contract, or if you wish to extend the contract period.
(2)If the product gets broken, stolen, lost or cannot be returned after the end of the contract.

13.Compensation for Damages.

  1. 1.If any damages incurred due to the actions of our company, then our company will bear the responsibility for such direct and ordinary damages to the user within the total rental amount during the rental period. Our company will be indemnified for the special claims such as loss of profit and so on.
  2. 2.If the user loses, breaks or damages the rental devices due to the user’s actions, the user will pay our company the market value of the rental devices as indemnity.
  3. Product Price(GL06P & GL04P)

    SIM CARD3,240 JPY
    USB CABLE3,240 JPY
    POUCH540 JPY
  4. 3.If our company suffers any damage due to the user’s action violating this Agreement or taking the following action, our company will be able to claim such damages:
  • (1)Action that infringes, or may infringe, on the rights of our company or the third party;
  • (2)Crime, criminal act or action, or action that links to violations of public order, morale or law;
  • (3)Providing harmful programs, such as computer viruses, through the service of data communications;
  • (4) Violation of the Act on Regulation of Transmission of Specified Electronic Mail or Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

14.Cancellation, Termination and Cancellation Fees.

1.If the user is subject to any of the following situations, our company can terminate the rental contract without notifying the user:

  1. (1)If any information provided on the application form was false;
  2. (2)If the duty of payment was not followed through;
  3. (3)If the user is subject to any of the prohibited matters on this contract; 合
  4. (4)If there was a major change to the user’s credibility;
  5. (5)If the contracted rental period passed without notice;
  6. (6)If the user does not communicate the intent of cancellation, yet the rental devices are not returned after the requested return date.

2.If any of above is applicable, our company will charge 2,000yen (plus consumption tax) per rental device as the cancellation fee.

15.Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces.

1.If our company discovers that the user belongs to one of the followings (hereinafter referred to as “Anti-social forces”), it can terminate the rental contract without notice:

(1)Gang group;
(2)Gang group member;
(3)Is out of gang group for less than 5 years;
(4)Gang associate member;
(5)Corporation related to gang group;
(6)Racketeer etc.;
(7)Political racketeering organization;
(8)Organized crime syndicates;
(9)Others associated with above.

2.If our company discovers that the user has one or more of the following relationships with Anti-social forces, our company can terminate the rental contract without notice:

  1. (1)Anti-social forces govern the business of the user;
  2. (2)Anti-social forces are practically related to the business of the user;
  3. (3)The user is using anti-social forces to gain inappropriate profit for him/herself, his/her own company or third party, or to harm third party and so on;
  4. (4)The user is related to anti-social forces by providing financial support or receiving shared benefits and so on;
  5. (5)The board of directors, or senior management, are in socially inappropriate relations with anti-social forces.

3.If the user took any one of following actions by himself or by using third party, our company can terminate the rental contract without nay notice.

  1. (1)Violent demand act
  2. (2)Improper demand act beyond legal responsibility
  3. (3)Threatening or violent behavior as to the trade
  4. (4)Spread gossips, damage other’s trust with fraud or power and interfere other’s business.
  5. (5)Other acts associated to any of above.

4.If our company terminates the rental contract according to this Agreement, our company can keep the full amount of the deposit from the user and can claim the compensation against the user in case our company suffers damages.

16.Miscellaneous Notes for the Payment of the Rental Fees.

  1. 1.The user will pay our company the rental fee and deposit specified in the “price list”. It will be the same if the user wishes to extend the rental period.
  2. 2.Payment methods are cash at the store where the contract was established, or with credit card.
  3. 3.If the user did not return the rental device after the end of the rental period, the user will pay late fee specified in the “price list.”
  4. 4.If the user lost the rental devices, owes our company the compensation for damages, or has other unpaid rental fees / late fees, the deposit will be used to settle these.
  5. 5.If the user missed any payments to our company from this Service contract, the user will pay the compensation for late payment with the annual interest of 14.6%.

17.Handling of Personal Information.

Our company will utilize users’ personal information obtained from the contract within the usage objectives under our corporate guideline of “Handling Personal Information.”

18.Governing Law/ the Jurisdiction of the Court.

The governing law of this Agreement will be the Japanese law, and we will appoint the regional court of our jurisdiction as the exclusive mutually agreed jurisdiction court for any dispute on duties and rights related to this Ag

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