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Three characteristics that Any-Fi is chosen as by domestic  pocket wifi rental

  1. 441~ yen/day that  pocket wifi rental fee is low in Japan 1.Discount price 30% OFF. Our online service is always pursuing the best deal that even basic insurance. No extra charge such as transaction fee.
  2. The procedure of the  pocket wifi rental is repaid in a return mailbox convenient simply simply 2.Simple, convenient return -- just put it in any postbox. You can use the device until the very last moment and drop it off in a post box at the airport right before your departure. You don’t need to go to the counter at the airport for return.
  3. The pocket wifi rental apparatus receipt is receipt places available such as an airport, home, an office 3.Convenient pick up places, such as your hotel, airport or office. You can choose where to pick up the device in Japan

  1. 4.4G/LTE is fast and commonly used network in Japan! Fast speed, no stress. 4.4G/LTE is fast and commonly used network in Japan! Fast speed, no stress.
  2. TWide network coverage. Best deal for light user. 
User for Google map, web search and message on SMS such as Facebook, Viber, or Line. 5.Wide network coverage. You can nationwidely use anywhere in Japan such as Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto.

Why do you need ANY-Fi?
Product of pocket wifi rental in Japan
GL06P pocket wifi rental in Japan

501HW pocket wifi rental in Japan

The pocket wifi rental of NY-Fi is simple with convenience from a reservation to return

It is very hard to find hotspot or free Wi-Fi area.

If you bring our pocket Wi-Fi, you can save your time without finding cafe or hotel.

Complicated public transportation and no English sign on street make you feel annoyed.

Since not many English sign or English speaker on street, you need Wi-Fi to get tourism Or public transportation information.  

It is troublesome to to install applications or prepaid SIM card for setting.

Our pocket Wi-Fi has a very easy and simple procedure.

I am worrying about security of free public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Free Wi-Fi is used by everyone. No password, more risk. However, Pocket Wi-Fi has WPA key which allow user to use the Wi-Fi netowork, so people only know the WPA kay can use the Wi-Fi network.

Prepaid SIM is not commoly used in Japan.

When you use prepaid SIM card, you have different procedures for Iphone user and Android user. The setting for prepaid SIM would not be easy for foreign tourists. Poket Wi-Fi allows you to use original phone number you bring from your country and share with your family or friends.

The best way to have Wi-Fi for trip to Japan!!

Our rental service is very flexible. You can choose the rental period daily, weekly,or monthly. Whenever you want to contact your family or freinds in your home, you can talk to them with our Wi-Fi, Any-Fi!! Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone.

Convenient for such time; about the activity scene of the Wi-Fi rental!

The Wi-Fi rental service of ANY-Fi is very convenient for moving.

Map Search

Japanese buildings don’t have numbers. Many roads don’t have names. Very little English is put on the signs. You’d want to search maps anywhere anytime.

Reading and the email of the Web site are available to the Wi-Fi rental services of ANY-Fi in a moving train, taxi.

Public Transportation Search

Public transportation in Japan such as JR (Japan Railways) and subway is the most convenient but complex rail network in the world. You would want to check connections and times of the last service.

pocket wifi rental in Japan ANYFi is best pocket wifi service

Restaurant Search

When the restaurant you wanted to go was closed or full, you would want to search other restaurants right away.

If you visit to Japan, let's use pocket wifi rental service

Communicate with friends or family

You want to say “Hi“ or “I’m doing great in Japan” to your family or friends. Get connected to tell them you are safe and enjoying your trip.

FAQ about use pocket wifi rental service in Japan

Question & Answer about use pocket wifi rental service in Japan

Would I need any documents to place the order?

A.In principle, there are no documents needed to confirm your identification when you order the device via Web. However, there may be times when we ask you to show you ID document such as passport or drivers license if verification is needed. If you pick up the device at one of our shops, we will ask you to present your passport or drivers license and make a copy for our files.

Can I order on the day I want to receive the device?

A.If you order via Web, the device will be delivered minimum within 2 days. (* Excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Parts of Kyushu. It may take 3days if you want us to deliver to those islands.) You can order on the spot at one of our shops, only if there are devices available. However, please note that the prices differ between rental contracts at the shops and the one on the Web. Please email us whether we have available devices or not if you prefer ordering at one of our shops instead of online booking.

Are there any initial fees?

A.There are no initial fees or handling fees.

Can I pick up at an airport?

A.Yes, you can pick up at an airport. It’s a very simple and easy procedure. Please check the address of the airports that you can pick up. You can pick up only during the business hours of the respective post office. You will be asked to present your ID, so please make sure you bring your passport or driver’s license.

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