Rental WiFi : Order related

Would I need any documents to place the order?

A.In principle, there are no documents needed to confirm your identification when you order the device via Web. However, there may be times when we ask you to show you ID document such as passport or drivers license if verification is needed. If you pick up the device at one of our stores, we will ask you to present your passport or drivers license and make a copy for our files.

How can I place my order for a device?

A.You can order through our website. If you click the “Rent Now”button, you will be directed to enter customer information and you can order easily from there.

It’s my first time to use Wi-Fi. Is it easy to operate?

A.Together with the device, you will receive a simple set instructions for Wi-Fi connection. It should help you to set up, even if it’s your first time. You can also email us ( if you have any questions.

Can I connect to the Wi-Fi network using my own PC, smart phone or tablet?

A.The Wi-Fi network connection is supported by most of the devices, although it may depend on the type of operating system on your device. Please check with the manufacturer of your device.

My PC, smart phone or tablet is from overseas. Is it still usable?

A.Usually, most devices do support the Wi-Fi connections, even those from overseas, although there are some types of operating systems that may not work. We recommend you to check with the manufacturer of your device.

Can I order on the day I want to receive the device?

A.No, you can't. If you order online today, the device will be delivered minimum within 2 days. (* Excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Parts of Kyushu. It may take 3days if you want us to deliver to those islands.) You can rent at our store on that day, only if there are devices available. However, please note that the prices differ between rental contracts at the stores and the one on the Web. Please email us whether we have available devices or not if you prefer ordering at one of our stores instead of online booking.

Can I use Wi-Fi when I travel outside of Japan?

A.No. This rental device functions only in Japan. It is not possible to use it overseas.

Can I cancel my order?

A.Yes, it is possible if you cancel before your order is shipped. Cancellation fees will not incur in this case. Typically, we will ship 2-3 days before the delivery date. Please contact us before the device is shipped. It will NOT be possible to cancel after your shipment has left. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I order multiple devices?

A.You can order up to 3 devices through a Web order. If you want to order more, please contact our call center or send us an email.

Rental WiFi : Fee related

Are there any initial fees?

A.There are no initial fees or handling fees.

What is included in the rental price shown on the price list?

A.Rental fee, data fee and Basic insurance. (Delivery fee [from and to] and Premium insurance [optional] are not included.)

What payment methods are supported?

A.You can pay with a credit card if you order online. You can choose either credit card or cash if you order at a store counter. (We will ask for a 10,000-Yen deposit when you pay by cash at a store counter.) For further details about receiving a device at the store counter, please email

Can I use a credit card issued by overseas?

A.Yes you can. We support Visa, Master, Amex, JCB, and Diners.

I am returning the device earlier than the date I originally booked. Can I get the refund for the difference?

A.You can return the device but there will be no refund. Please check the usage period in advance before you make your order. However, we will arrange separate support in case the device has problems with radio waves or other reasons.

How are the rental days and the return date calculated?

A.We define the date on which the Wi-Fi device arrives to you as the “arrival date,” and the date the device was put in a post box as the “return date”. The time limit for putting the device in a post box is before 8 am on the day following the return date.

(e.g.) For 6 days
Rental WiFi :

Will you issue a receipt?

A.If you need a receipt, please enter whether you need a receipt or not and the addressee, when you order via Web. We will deliver a receipt together with the device.

Rental WiFi : Delivery related

How long does it take from the order to arrival?

A.If you order via Web, you receive the rental device within 2 days, ( It would take 3days for Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa and other small islands.)

  • ※Delivery operation is happening everyday.
  • ※There may be times we cannot deliver on the requested date and time, due to the traffic situation.
  • ※The arrival may be delayed due to the traffic situation during busy periods such as year-end/New Year or Golden Week (Long holidays in May).

Can I choose date, specific time and time range of the delivery?

A.Yes. You can choose the date, specific time and time range. You can specify the delivery date up to 30 days after the order.

Delivery time ranges

8:00 ~ 11:59/ 14:00 ~ 16:00 /16:00 ~ 18:00 / 18:00 ~ 20:00 / 19:00~21:00

Caution: If you would like to receive the device at exact time like 9am or 10am, you MUST mention it in the blank box called “Other” when you book online. Then we can delivery the device arrived by the last delivery of a day before you receive

Is it possible to deliver to the mail / parcel box at a hotel?

A.Yes. Please check at the front desk of your hotel after arrival. Please enter guest’s name (recipient’s name) in the appropriate column of the receipt.

Can I pick up at an airport?

A.Yes, you can pick up at an airport. It's a very simple and easy procedure. Please check the address of the airports that you can pick up. You can pick up only during the business hours of the respective post office. You will be asked to present your ID, so please make sure you bring your passport or driver's license.

Will I receive delivery and return notifications?

A.We will send an email to let you know your shipping number for inquiries after the product is shipped. We will not send an email after the device is returned. Our staff will send an email in case of late return or missing products.

Notification of shipment and voucher number

After the rental device is shipped, we will let you know the delivery date and “voucher number” of Yamato Transport. You can check the delivery status with this voucher number.

Yamato Transport(Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm)
For inquiries 0120-01-9625
※050IP Phone、+81-50-3786-3333
To check the delivery status
(You can check the delivery status and nearest delivery center.)
Japan Post(Nihon Yubin)
For inquiries 0120-23-2886
To check the delivery status Tracking Service)

*Please note
If your registered email address is gmail, you may receive order confirmation email but may not receive shipment confirmation email. It may have gone to spam folder, therefore please check your spam mail folder.

Rental WiFi : Damage & Trouble related

The Wi-Fi cuts off suddenly. Is the device broken?

A.The Wi-Fi device goes into sleep mode for a while after no operation. To use your device again, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds, and the Wi-Fi symbol will show up again. If it does not work, try to turn the power off completely then turn it on again.

I dropped Wi-Fi device and lost it

A.In case of loss or complete damage of the Wi-Fi device, we will charge as follows:

The device: 42,000 Yen, SIM Card: 3,240 Yen, AC Adapter: 3,240 Yen, USB Cable: 3,240 Yen, Bag: 540 Yen.

If you purchased Premium insurance, we will charge 30% of the device cost. If not, 70% of the above price will be charged. (Because Basic insurance is included, we will cover the 30%.)

Can I cancel my order?

A.Yes, it is possible if you cancel before your order is shipped. Cancellation fees will not incur in this case. Typically, we will ship 2-3 days before the delivery date. Please contact us before the device is shipped. It will NOT be possible to cancel after your shipment has left. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental WiFi : Transmission speed limit

Is there a limit for the transmission speed?

A.If the amount of data transmission within certain period exceeds the transmission capacity limit, the transmission speed limit will kick in. For further details, please check the transmission speed limit section in the Product infomaition.

Once transmission limit is put in place, can I still use the service?

A.The transmission speed will be slower until it is removed, however, you still may be able to send and receive message via SNS.

Will any additional fees incur once the transmission limit kicks in?

A.There will be no additional fee even if the transmission speed limit kicks in.

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